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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Peek at My Week Day 100 and Groundhog’s Day

Slide2Happy Groundhog’s Day! Here’s what we are doing in Megan’s room this week! Here is the plan we are using for Groundhog’s Day. You can download the plan by clicking on the image.
And here is the plan we are using for Day 100.
And here is what we are doing in between!
We are starting a new Nonfiction unit--Diving In--in Reader’s Workshop, and boy are we excited. Our kids are already so smart about nonfiction text from all the work we have done in our guided reading groups and during writing, I can’t wait to see what happens! I added the overview with photo images to Unit 5. If you already have it, you can go to your my purchases section and download the updated copy.
Slide6We are finishing up our unit on Informational Writing. Next week we are moving on to Opinion Writing. I have added the spreadsheet to the unit. These units do not have mini lessons like our Reader’s Workshop units do. But, these mini lesson titles will help you see how we lay everything out.
We are leaving a day in between our celebrations to catch up. We know from last year that we can’t get through all of those rotations! It just didn’t happen. The kids were stressed, we were stressed. So this year, we are going to slow down a little! On Friday we are going to do a lot of whole group work getting ready for our new unit on Mail and Post Offices.
You can hop on over to Deedee’s blog to see what others are doing this week!peek at my week button
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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kick-Off to February Sale

I am excited to announce it is time for a Kick-Off Sale! If it weren't for my son-in-law, Nick, I probably would not even know their was a big game coming up. That boy LOVES his football. Head on over to my TPT store to save 15% from now until MONDAY!
A big thank you to Mel Lloyd for the precious graphic!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Updates! Music Books and Penguin Game Packs

Hey Guys! I’ve updated a few more packs over the last few weeks. I updated the graphics in the Penguin Sight Word Game Pack. I also added two editable documents—one for the Splash game and one for the Roll, Say Keep game. This allows you to add your own sight words if you wish.
I also updated the Penguin Math Game pack with new clip art. I added a fair share board for 2 and 3groups with dice for 2, 3, and 4 groups. I also added two different sizes of penguins for the Measure Me Game.
In the Silly Pirate Song Book I changed “a Periscope” to “up Periscope” and “Swish Swish” to “Swoosh Swoosh”.
I updated the clip art in the “I Like to Count It” song book. In the “School is Cool” song book, I updated the graphics and reduced the number of pages by half!
I updated the graphics in both “Stop, Rock and Roll” and “Vowel Bat”.Slide8Slide9
I updated the graphics in “Spelling Words” and “Zero, the Hero”.Slide10
And finally, I updated the graphics in the “Lying in my Sleeping Bag” song book.  All of these books accompany songs by Shari Sloane. You can find her music on her website except for “The Silly Pirate Song”. That one is by Jack Hartmann.
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Peek at My Week-Fire Fighters

So this week we are finishing up Unit 5 in Reader’s Workshop. Friday we will have our Reader’s Celebration! The kids are doing great with their non fiction writing. I really think it is the Guided Reading Series that has made the biggest difference. The kids really understand each of the features, how to use them, and are now using them in their own writing!
Most of our activities this week are centered around Fire Safety. In our Sound Off activities we are moving to ending sounds—to be able to just isolate that one sound. We are using lots of organizational strategies to learn all the information about Fire Fighters.  The most fun---making the fire truck brace map by making one with cookies! So fun!
I am super excited to start using Katie Mense’s new unit for one of our centers. It’s all about dice! We all have dice, and lots of them. So…you are good to go. Copy the recording page, collect the dice, and you are ready to go! You can download these plans (here).
This is the unit review for Unit 5. I have updated that unit with this new spreadsheet.
Now hop on over to Deedee’s blog to see what other teachers are doing this week!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are You Looking for a Conference?


February is going to be a great month, with some great conferences and seminars! I can’t wait to get back to Tennessee! Love those teachers! In one of my sessions you will discover new ways to make your story time come to life! I will show you how to use puppets and art to develop those comprehension strategies! Yep! That’s right…in Pre-K!


Then, I’m headed to OK for the Pre-K Conference. In one of the sessions, we will talk about a plethora of ideas for teaching letters, numbers and those beginning standards. All this through games, songs, and other activities!


Going on at the same time will be the OK-K conference. These two conferences will share a facility, but there will be sessions that are just for the pre k teachers or just for the k teachers! At the k conference, interventions is a hot topic. In that session, find ways to make the most of your time while meeting the needs of all of your little learners.


Next, back to GA! I am loving this seminar! I wrote a long post all about it and all that we are doing. You can read more about it (here)! This GA peach is glad to be in her home state!


And finally, I’m headed to New Jersey! Again, the NJ K and NJ Pre-K are sharing the facility, but each conference will have their own unique sessions. At the K conference, one session I’m doing is all about Math Centers. Want to know how to organize and manage centers so that you can pull small groups and keep the kids occupied with meaningful activities? Then, you gotta be there!


At the NJ Pre-K one session will look at activities that will help your children to become phonemically aware! We will share lots of ideas for a variety of phonemic skills!

Add in two days of customized training in TX and one day in GA… and that’s a month! You can click right on each brochure to register! Hope to see you in February!

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Peek at My Week-Winter and Dr. King

Here’s a little peek at the week we are having in Megan’s room. You can download the plans (here). We are going to continue talking about winter and add in our unit of study on MLK.
We can’t wait to get into our Non Fiction Writing Unit. We have focused on non fiction text during our guided reading. We have loved using the the various levels of text---with the same content and the same non fiction features.
We want all kids to see themselves as wrtiers---so what a perfect connection. It doesn’t matter the level of the text they write, if they only use illustrations or if they write full paragraphs, they can still develop the concepts of non fiction text! Wow! That is pretty powerful! So…your children can master the writing standard without writing text? The writing standards require the children to know the features of the genre.  Now, don’t get me wrong. They do HAVE to write text to accomplish the foundational standards—stretching words, spacing, letter formation, etc.
We are going to spend Monday reading lots of books about Dr. King. Here are a few of my favorites:

Then, the rest of the week we are going to put that information to work-writing non fiction text, making connections, and learning about cause and effect.
During math we are moving on to Unit 5—Number Combinations 6-10.  I have a very smart friend, Catherine Kuhns. When I have a math question, I give her a call. So this past week we were having a discussion and it came up again about number combinations. She said, “According to the NCTM, kids need to see multiple representation for each number. They need to break it apart and put it back together in many different combinations.” So,that said—here’s what I think. SLOW DOWN!!!! If we can have children confident, fluent, and able to draw on mental images for each number---it will pay off big time in the long run. Be sure and check out Catherine’s resources. She is pretty fabulous!
Common Core Math in Action by Catherine KuhnsBuilding Number Sense Book by Catherine KuhnsNumber Wonders by Catherine Kuhns
Here are a few ideas from last year when we celebrated Dr. King. Many of these ideas are in our plans this week. These ideas are from Hooray for Dr. King Day.

Be sure and hop over to my friend Deedee’s blog to see what others are doing this week.
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